Affiliate Program

Program Details

Although we are not currently accepting new Affiliate members at this time please check back as memberships will open up soon. 

The affiliate program is composed of a series of private dvds and downloads that take the student comprehensively through the art by study of the De Fondo style and other key styles from the 20 styles of the Giron System. Completion of the Affiliate Program will prepare the participating student for Graduate status in the art and is also one road to gaining the rare credential as a recognized Guro / Instructor in the Bahala Na ® Martial Arts Association / Giron ® Arnis Escrima.

Please note that one requirement for the affiliate student is to attend in person one of our 2 affiliate camps in Stockton per year for evaluation and private training. The affiliate program is very demanding and requires a true long term commitment from the student. However, it can be a very successful distance learning program as can be seen with the success and skills exhibited from Bahala Na Spain, Bahala Na Germany, Bahala Na Italy, Bahala Na Ireland, among others.” -  Master Kirk McCune


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