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The Meaning Behind the Logo

(Transcribed from an interview given by GME Leo M. Giron to GM Tony Somera)


The three stars represent the three major subdivisions of the Philippines known as Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Those are the three subdivisions of the Philippines. 

And you have here Filipino Arnis Escrima. 

Arnis has the same meaning as Escrima, they difference in explaining detail explanation is Escrima is derived from the word "skirmish", sometime they call it the French word "skirmie" and that means you have a skirmish between soldiers and fighters along the way where you to set up an ambush. Then you have Arnis "the art of the hand", it means you are already in progress. Depending on if you are trying to subdue someone with a weapon. 

This is also similar meaning to the three subdivisions of the Philippines inside the circle of Bahala Na. 

And this is representative of a rattan stick. This is poorly drawn, but this is what it is, a stick. Some call it "Olisi" in Cebu, some call it Garrote or Baston in Manila. 

And here's the Philippine flag here. You have the eight different rays representing the first eight provinces in the Philippines that started the revolution in 1896. 

This is supposed to be an equilateral triangle. We didn't have a manufacturing to take the time to make it longer. You have the red representing the Filipino blood of the Filipino in the event there is someone, an aggressor who tried to capture the Philippines. The Filipino blood is ready to be spilled in order to save his own country. The blue is the representative of the purity of the Filipinos. 

Well you have two daggers here representing either left or right hand are available to you in case of sharp weapon to you a necessity. 

And there is the Bahala Na. It is a slogan that was used by some of the first captured during the Spanish revolution. A person that was captured from us from other people, they were afraid because the Spaniards will involve them in the problem they are having at hand. So they try to deny that. So now they will say if none of you want to help me I will just go to god. And that is, they would pronounce the word god in the native language "Valhalla Na". So that the man said, "well you don't like to help me, I'll just have to resort to God. Valhalla Na". That’s where it came from. Well you have "Patakaran Ni GNG Giron" "created by Mr. Giron" that is the entire meaning the logo