Recent News and Events


May 2010 - Martial Artists train for children suffering from cancer. 
Guro Frank B
üchner recently taught at a charity event benefitting kids with cancer. The seminar
 was for the benefit of the “Waldpiraten-Camp” based in Heidelberg, Germany. 
Find out more about the event 
here. There is also a Photo Gallery online over at the Bahala Na Hamburg site

October 2009 - Please help us to wish the best of luck to Jamal Robert Colston. Jamal is a student of Bahala Na® Martial Arts under Grand Master Tony in Stockton, CA. Shipping off to Fort Knox Kentucky for basic training Jamal will also be going to school as an M1 Abrams tank crew member. Please pray for the safety of Jamal and our men and women in the armed services.

September 2009 - Ruben Hipolito Pacific Coast Championship archery champion. Ruben trains in Orange County with Master Kirk.  Along with his play in Bahala Na® Martial Arts Ruben is also a first class archer and did very well at the recent Pacific Coast Championship archery tournament in Sacramento.  In his division, Collegiate Male Compound, he placed 1st with a 161 point lead on the competition.  In the process he scored 320 out of 360 at the 90 meter distance, setting the state record for his division at this distance.   This entailed shooting at a 4-inch diameter 10-ring from a football field away!  His total score for the competition was 1337 out of a perfect 1440, the best he has ever shot.  Comparing him to the division the professionals shoot in, he would have placed 5th and he was 2 points away from tying third place.

Summer 2009

September 2009 -
Bahala Na® student, Blair Ulring, named Chief of Police. Blair was a former student of GME Leo Giron and Bahala Na® Martial Arts. Blair and GME were very good friends and spent many hours together. During his busy schedule, Blair would always make time to visit and check in on GME. Currently, Blair still maintains close connections with GM Tony Somera and Bahala Na® Martial Arts.
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May 2009

May 9, 2009 -
Bahala Na® participated in the Stockton Arts & Multicultural Celebration. The following is a message from Lorenzo Romano, a Little Manila board member.

It was a very successful event that provided awareness of our Filipino American history. Thank you Board members who helped out Saturday. Uncle Tony, Bahala Na, FANHS, & LMF really pulled together on this.

Special thanks to Auntie Leatrice Perez from FANHS. She was present most of the day to share with our visitors her experiences, stories, history and reference photos from the Filipinos in Stockton and Voices book.

I want to thank FANHS Stockton Chapter and Auntie Anita Bautista for making this joint venture possible. From the planning stages of this event, it was through collaboration that brought Filipino American awareness to the PLAY Multicultural Arts Network. The raffle prize(Chicken Adobo ingredients in a basket) and some booth showpieces were contributed by Auntie Anita.

Bahala Na, FANHS and LMF are now part of the PLAY Network and will be supportive in all our future activities and functions.

Have a great week..
Thank you again!

- Lorenzo

April 2009

April 4, 2009 - The new website for the Bahala Na® Martial Arts/Giron® Arnis Escrima,, was officially launched during the biannual Affiliate Camp in Stockton, CA. During a wonderful cookout at Master Joel's house, a small group gathered to give the site final approval and celebrate a successful launch. The launch party consisted of Grand Master Tony Somera, Master Kirk McCune, Master Joel Juanitas and JD Short.

January 2008

I recently had the great pleasure to visit the Philippines this January. I accompanied my aunt Filomena Hufana and my 96-year-old Grandmother Eudosia Juanitas. This was a long overdue trip I was putting off for years. I finally got to see the home barangay of my mother and father.Meeting the vast number of relatives was daunting. It seemed as though there was someone related to a Juanitas in every household. Not surprising as my father was 9th out of 11 children. So needless to say the family tree is tall, deep and wide. We were situated in Ipil, Barbaza, Antique on the island of Panay in central Philippines Visayas region.