In Partnership with Tokey Hill, Mr Olympia 2014, Masters Magazine and The Houston Stick Fighting Association, the Bahala Na® Martial Arts Association / Giron® Arnis Escrima is working to provide fellowship in our bladed art community by promoting a blade oriented workshop and tournament at the upcoming Mr. Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend in Las Vegas, NV., September 19th-20th 2014.

Guro Dan is returning to Stockton, CA, August 30-31st, 2014! Please spread the word and lets welcome home our friend, teacher and Bahala Na Graduate Guro Dan Inosanto! 

Registration is open now! 

Bahala Na Filipino Martial Arts Typhoon Haiyan Relief Clinic

In light of the recent disaster in the Philippines Bahala Na Stockton will be hosting a first aid, trauma, and urban survival clinic. In this clinic we hope to better educate our participants in the much needed knowledge of surviving most natural or man made disasters. Dr Ace Alcantara of UCSF Medical Center will show us how to identify, and treat many common martial art and combat injuries in the field. Guro Christopher Whitney will demonstrate several urban survival techniques to better deal with man made and natural disasters. You need not be a martial artist to attend all the information shared is beneficial to everyone. Participation fee is a donation of canned foods, dry goods, personal hygiene products, and gently used clothing.

It is with a heavy heart and great sorrow that I announce the passing of our Great Grand Master Antonio E. Somera at 5:18am on October 28, 2013. 

Please pray for the Somera and Flores families as they go through this trying time.

Grand Master Tony Somera

Thanks to the unceasing efforts of the Little Manila Foundation , the Filipino American National Historical Society, the Inosanto Academy and Bahala Na Filipino Martial Arts, in partnership with San Joaquin County we are finally able to announce the successful naming of "Leo Giron Drive"! This newly adopted street will appropriately lead to the future Veterans Hospital in French Camp, CA. As many people now know Leo Giron was a true WWII hero and Veteran of the famous 978th  Filipino Commando unit that was hand picked by General Douglas Mac Arthur to spearhead the return of the allied troops into the Philippines.  "Leo Giron Drive" is an honor to this great man, Leo Giron, who dedicated his life to the service of others, as well as Filipino Americans, Americans and most importantly it is an honor to our veterans whose sacrifices have given us all we have in our great country. We are so proud to see Leo Giron honored in this way and hope he will not be the last name adopted for a street name.  But for now we applaud this event as a worthy testament to the great legacy of our forefather's gift to us. Congratulations to all the people who worked tirelessly to make this dream come true.

Grand Master Tony Somera 
Bahala Na Martial Arts Association
Little Manila Foundation Board Member
FANHS Life Member
LDT Life Member In America.


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Grand Master Tony Somera, Master Kirk McCune and Master Joel Juanitas continuously travel to each of our schools around the world to ensure that all students of Bahala Na® Martial Arts/Giron® Arnis Escrima are receiving the most up-to-date information on training methods, drills and techniques being taught today.


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Legal Notice

To all loyal members and welcomed guests,
This is to notify, inform and hopefully eliminate any confusion over the name and usage of the Bahala Na®, Giron® name and logo. In recent events former members of the Bahala Na Martial Arts Association were dismissed or voluntarily left from the association. Giving up any and all rights and privileges therein. Since departing the proprietors of Bahala Na Multi Style and Original Giron Escrima have continued to use Bahala Na® and Giron® in their school names and our logo to identify themselves without permission or authorization.

To further clarify neither of these organizations have any affiliation with Bahala Na Martial Arts Association, Giron® Arnis Escrima. We only seek to: Identify the true authority in Grand Master Tony Somera. The curriculum and governance created and endorsed by the Great Grand Master Leovigildo Miguel Giron not only in writing but in his own words. For our friends to discontinue their usage of our name and logo. And to distance ourselves from them and to plainly distinguish our organizations. Furthermore we do not claim to be the only conservators of this great art left to us by Leo Giron but the only one sanctioned by him.

In efforts to police this concern we would ask any members or visitors to report any usage infractions they may witness to the administrators of this website. Though we harbor no ill will or animosity towards our brothers we invite them to correct this problem amicably. We refer all who are interested or desire more information to revisit this website often and tour our supporter’s links.

BNMAA has been a proud advocate of the advancement of all Filipino arts and culture and will continue to do so. And in the spirit of true leadership and brotherhood the door will remain open to our wayward brothers to return home to the house that Leo built.


Grand Master Tony Somera
Master Kirk McCune
Master Joel Juanitas 

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