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Jesus Corales

A Tribute to Jesus Corales

Jesus Ragail Corales, born in Narvacan, Illocos Sur Philippines on December 25, 1910.  Like GME Leo Giron, Corales arrived in America in 1929.  He immediately took a bus from San Francisco to Stockton and would work in the fields and farm labor camps in the San Joaquin valley.  Due to his working in the many different Filipino labor camps, he was exposed to a number of Filipino escrimadors.  

Corales would take the time to play or train in the art after a hard days work in the fields of Stockton, California.  He remembers, “after working so hard during the day in the after noon during a cool delta breeze my town mates and I would sit outside next to the barn away from everyone and play with our asparagus or sticks knives.  I can remember the quickness of the weapon but no one would get hurt”.   Corales’ teacher was a man by the name of Hilario Ramolete from Santa Catalina Illocos Sur, Philippines.  Corales plays the cabaroan or new system of arnis escrima.  His specialty is the cinco tero style or five strikes; also the redonda style or circular striking and close quarter hand to hand combat. 

Corales was a member of the 1st Filipino Regiment and served in the invasion of Lyette, Philippines during World War II.

It was difficult to interview Corales and also play with him, at times, because he would keep moving...  He would explain his current movement and would already be demonstrating the next movement.  His knowledge of the Filipino arts of self-defense is unlimited as his energy to demonstrate it. Corales is also a member of one of the “Big Three” Filipino Lodges of America, The Caballeros de Dimas Alang.  Manong Corales is also a honorary Guro for BNMAA.